If you become a part of our business aka our reseller you get benefits like you have never gotten before so many attractive deals which you can’t miss and wouldn’t want to miss.

Here are the benefits you get from becoming a reseller with Bewine Fashion.

  • Early Access: Early access on every launch. See the collection and purchase from it before it drops for everyone.
  • Prioritized Shipping: As our partners, we are bound to make you our priority. Your shipping will always be a priority to us.
  • Guaranteed Discounts: If you’re our reseller partner you are offered discounts on each and every product we have along with an exclusive collection within your reach and members-only access collection too.
  • Delivery: We value our customer’s time and realize the importance of delivery. You can surely expect fast and reliable delivery from us in perfect conditions.
  • Support System: Our main focus remains in building long-lasting customer relationships who can count on us in times of need. Be it any queries, you can expect full support from our team members for solutions


How do I become a reseller for Bewine Fashion?

To become a reseller for bewine fashion mail us or fill out the form, submit your requirements and information asked in the form. We will get in touch promptly.

If I am a reseller, can I place a cancellation order?

No, unfortunately, there’s a no-cancellation policy for reseller partners. Order once placed cannot be cancelled.

Is cod available for reseller?

No, cod is not available for reseller partners or anyone else too. Payments are only accepted online.

What’s the eligibility for being a reseller partner?

For being a reseller partner, you need to have a clothing shop where you can sell our products and the initial investment you have to put which you will before starting any businesses for buying the products.

What about returns and refunds for reseller partners?

You cannot return or get a refund for the products which are once sold. Refer to the return and refund policy, which would be the same for our customers as well as our reseller’s partners

Can a reseller sell Bewine Fashion products online or on any other platforms?

After buying from Bewine Fashion resellers can sell their products only in shop. Bewine Fashion products are not allowed to sell online or on any other platform



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